Put A Former Prosecutor On Your Side

One of the qualities that makes Mr. Petruzzi so effective as a defense attorney is that he knows the other side. He is a former chief prosecutor in Texas felony court and a former Assistant District Attorney in Harris County. This experience helps him to anticipate tactics that the prosecution is likely to use in your case and develop defense strategies accordingly.

Mr. Petruzzi is also a board-certified criminal law specialist, as certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Because he has focused his entire career on criminal law, he is able to draw upon a wealth of experience. This helps him to not only protect your rights, but resolve cases in ways that minimize the consequences wherever possible.

What Offense Have You Been Charged With?

The potential consequences you face naturally depend to a great degree upon what you are suspected of or have been charged with. Mr. Petruzzi represents clients in a wide range of criminal defense cases. These include drunk driving charges, drug charges, violent offenses, sex crimes and financial or property crimes.

What Offense Have You Been Charged With?

Attorney Petruzzi also handles juvenile offenses and allegations of probation violations.