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Texas theft and property crimes: Food store allegedly robbed

Police in Texas are looking for three individuals who they say robbed a food store in North West Houston. This event reportedly occurred August 24 in the early afternoon. Theft and property crimes of this nature are not taken lightly by law enforcement officials. When caught, the individuals believed responsible will likely face a number of significant penalties if convicted.

According to reports, two males entered the AM Seafood store on West Gulf Bank Road and requested that the clerk on duty lower the price on the drinks that they wanted. When the employee refused the request, the men allegedly took the drinks without paying. When the clerk went outside to check their license plate number, one of the men is said to have pulled a gun and shot the glass on the storefront.

Don't let criminal charges for robbery rob you of your future

Robbery is defined as taking money or property from another party by using fear or physical force against the victim. If a reported robbery involves a gun or other deadly weapon, if the crime victim ends up suffering an injury, or if the victim is disabled or over the age of 65, the alleged robber may face a charge of aggravated or armed robbery.

Robbery differs from burglary in that it usually always requires that a victim suffer an injury or face the threat of harm. Unfortunately, this type of crime carries stiff consequences in Texas, but if you face a criminal charge for robbery, you do have the right to defend yourself against the charges.

Prescription-related drug crimes are no joke

The power of certain prescription medications can make them difficult for some people to resist taking. Those who have access to these drugs are not the people you would think of as having a drug problem. But, sadly, a number of health care professionals in Texas have been charged with prescription-related drug crimes. These individuals have a lot to lose if they are ultimately convicted.

Medical providers can lose their professional licenses if they are found guilty of prescription-related drug crimes. The crimes are typically fueled by addiction. Taking away one's career and throwing the individual in jail is not likely to solve the problem.

With hurricane Harvey comes theft and property crimes

Whenever there is a major disaster, looting tends to be a big issue. With Houston and other areas along the Gulf Coast being destroyed by Hurricane Harvey over the last week, Texas police have had to deal with some reports of theft and property crimes. Those accused of these crimes could face some significant penalties.

According to a recent report, the Nueces County District Attorney has vowed to seek the maximum penalty in all looting, robbery, burglary and other property crime cases that are committed during and in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. This is quite a significant statement. What does that mean for anyone accused of such crimes?

Texas criminal defense: Woman facing several criminal charges

A woman in Texas is facing numerous criminal charges following a car crash that occurred back in July. According to reports, her 7-year-old son was killed in the wreck. Due to the severity of this tragedy and the potential consequences that could accompany a conviction, the accused will need the best criminal defense available to her.

In the evening of July 6, the accused -- a 29-year-old woman -- was in a minor wreck. Police were called to the scene, reports were taken and everyone was sent on their way. Just two hours after this incident, she was involved in another accident. This time, her car is said to have gone airborne and her 7-year-old son was ejected from the vehicle, causing him to suffer fatal injuries. Two other children -- ages 4 and 6 -- survived the crash.

Texas theft and property crimes: Shoplifting

Many people think that shoplifting is not really a serious crime. It seems fairly harmless. The truth is, though, it is not a harmless crime, and the state of Texas will not treat theft and property crimes of this or any other nature as such.

Shoplifting, by simplified definition, is taking merchandise from a place of business with the intent of robbing the store owner of its value. In order to be convicted on a shoplifting charge, prosecuting attorneys must prove that two key elements exist in the case. The first is that, the accused took possession of the merchandise. The second is that the accused had intent to leave the place of business without paying for the merchandise.

Texas incident results in drunk driving claims against woman

Late at night, it may be difficult for drivers to discern what is happening when there are multiple police cars and ambulances in an area with lights flashing -- especially if it involves the closure of a ramp. Without clear indicators, a driver could easily be confused by an officer's attempt to close a road. Unfortunately, police in Houston, Texas claim a woman who drove past two police cars used as barricades, forcing two officers to jump over a barrier, was drunk driving.

The incident that led to the woman's arrest began just before 3 a.m. on a day in late July. Two officers say they witnessed an accident on an exit ramp. They reportedly attempted to block the ramp with their patrol cars.

The serious consequences of violating probation

If you are on probation, you may consider yourself fortunate. However, while the court did not sentence you to jail, technically, you are still under the eye and hand of the justice system. Depending on the circumstances of your arrest and conviction, a judge may have granted you probation up to three years. In some situations, probation may last longer, but no matter its length, you likely felt relieved to have avoided a jail sentence.

Nevertheless, the judge made it clear to you that your probation came with certain conditions, and those conditions are not optional. Violating your probation may seem trivial, but doing so can make your situation even worse than before.

Man indicted by federal grand jury for drug crimes

A federal grand jury recently indicted a Texas man for drug and weapon crimes. Specifically, the man has been accused of possessing over 110 grams of the methamphetamine, along with other drugs and guns at a home. Those accused of drug crimes in Illinois and across the country are presumed innocent of all formal charges unless and until prosecutors are actually able to prove otherwise in court. 

The 45-year-old man faces a charge of possessing methamphetamine while intending to distribute it, as well as possessing a firearm while engaging in drug trafficking. He was furthermore accused of possessing a gun while being a felon. Federal prosecutors are seeking a minimum of $10,000 in criminal forfeiture resulting from drug sales as well as seven guns.

Alleged drunk driving incident caught on tape

These days, Texas residents often pull out their cell phones to capture an event on video. On a recent Friday evening at approximately 8 p.m., that is exactly what one driver did. He had just been involved in a near miss with a vehicle. He decided to follow the vehicle and videotaped what he and police are calling a drunk driving incident.

According to the witness, after nearly missing his vehicle, the other car nearly struck two pedestrians. The video shows the vehicle radically weaving on the roadway until it stopped in a parking lot. Before arriving in the parking lot, reports indicate that several calls came into 911 about an alleged drunk driver.

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