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Texas taking steps toward domestic violence registry

When an incident of domestic violence occurs, the officers that respond to the call will generally make an arrest. This may be done to help prevent a situation from escalating, or because there may be evidence that an offense was committed.

When further reviewing these allegations of family violence, there may be more to the story than it first appeared. Sometimes the participants are involved in a bitter divorce, and the allegations have been made in an effort to make the other person look bad to the court. Sometimes, one family member just wants another to be forced out of a house. Other situations may spiral out of control, and the person accused of the violence was just trying to protect other family members from being injured.

Many domestic violence allegations will have two different stories about what actually happened during the incident. These statements will need to be reviewed to determine if there are any inconsistencies present. It will also be necessary to examine the testimony of any of the witnesses at the scene to learn more about the potential defenses that may be available.

The Texas Legislature recently passed a bill that would require those convicted of at least three domestic violence incidents to register with the state. This registry would include information about the offender, such as a photo as well as the name, date of birth and a listing of prior offenses and convictions.

The bill is still being considered by the Senate, and would need to be signed by the governor. If it goes into effect, it would mean that those who have been repeatedly convicted of domestic violence-related offenses could have this information made public.

If you are facing allegations of family violence, it is important that you understand the severe penalties that can result with a conviction. In addition to potential jail time, there may be other more damaging consequences, such as losing custody of your children. Many occupations require their employees to have a clean criminal record, and a domestic violence conviction could mean that you will lose your job.

Speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney about your case. An attorney can explain the options that are available to you, and help you present an aggressive defense to the accusations. You may be uncertain about the charges that you are facing, and working with an attorney will give you an opportunity to learn more about the choices that you will need to make.