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Sexual Assault Defense Attorney

The vocabulary of sex offense allegations has changed in recent years. Instead of "rape," the relevant sections of the Texas Penal Code now speak of sexual assault.

What hasn't changed, however, is the need for a skilled and strategic defense when you are facing sex crime charges. At the law office of John M. Petruzzi, Attorney at Law, in Houston, you will find an experienced defense lawyer who is dedicated to defending his clients' rights.

There Is Always A Defense

Prosecutors may think they have you firmly in the criminal justice crosshairs when they make a charge of sexual assault. But Mr. Petruzzi's more than 30 years of experience handling criminal cases have taught him that there is always a defense.

This principle applies to rape or child sexual abuse cases as well as any other type of case. There is always a sexual assault defense. There may be issues with the evidence or other problems with the case that make the prosecution willing to consider a plea agreement or even to consider dropping the charges.

Don't just raise the white flag of surrender and accept the first offer of a plea agreement when you are charged with rape or statutory rape. Instead, let Mr. Petruzzi use his knowledge to raise the right issues and seek the most favorable resolution possible under the facts of your case.

Statutory Rape: What Exactly Were The Ages?

It is true that, under the Texas Penal Code, a person under the age of 17 cannot give valid consent to sexual intercourse. But how much older than the alleged victim was the person who has been charged?

Our firm will get the facts of your case clearly on the table and not allow prosecutors to charge more than the law allows. No matter how strong the prosecution's case seems, Mr. Petruzzi will insist that you be treated with dignity and respect throughout the criminal justice process.

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