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Vince Young arrested on drunk driving charges

Texas football fans might be most familiar with Vince Young as the former quarterback for the Titans, but he recently made headlines for his alleged actions off of the field. According to reports, the former football player was recently arrested on drunk driving charges in Texas. Reportedly, this is Young's second DUI arrest.

Young started playing professional football in the NFL in 2006, and then retired in 2011. He is also a former Texas standout who came in second for the Heisman Trophy back in 2005. In Jan. 2016, he was pulled over by an officer who claims that he was engaging in dangerous driving behavior. At the time he allegedly refused to submit to field sobriety testing and was arrested. He later made a plea of no contest and receive a sentence of 18 months probation.

Texas rancher facing multiple felony theft charges

Texas authorities recently filed additional charges against a rancher already accused of stealing livestock. The defendant is facing multiple felony theft crimes, and, if convicted, he could spend a significant period of time behind bars. Police are currently still investigating the allegations of cattle theft and are seeking additional information from potential witnesses, so it is possible that additional charges could be forthcoming.

In May 2018, the 47-year-old man was accused of stealing 11 heads of cattle from another rancher. Police ultimately located the cattle in the defendant's possession, which they seized and then returned to their owner. This incident led to a third-degree felony charge for theft of livestock. A subsequent issue in Sept. 2018 led to a first-degree felony charge for misapplying fiduciary property charge.

Former teacher charged with drunk driving

Criminal charges can have real-life implications outside of the courtroom. Aside from serving jail time or paying out steep fines, some people find that their situations can even affect their employment. This was apparently the case for a Texas teacher who was recently arrested for a drunk driving accident.

Police were on the scene of a different accident just prior to the incident with the alleged drunk driver. While the officers were outside of their vehicles, a 30-year-old former high school teacher was rapidly approaching the site. Reportedly traveling at 70 mph, which may have been above the posted speed limit, the driver failed to slow down or move over for the accident and collided with two police cars.

Every murder charge in Texas starts out as a first-degree felony

Texas takes the killing of another person seriously. For this reason, if you face charges associated with the death of another individual, prosecutors charge you with murder, which is a first-degree felony here.

It is the circumstances surrounding the death, and your part in it, that determine whether you face consequences associated with a first-degree felony, which results in fines up to $10,000 and incarceration between five and 99 years, or a second-degree felony, which results in fines up to $10,000 and a prison sentence between two and 20 years.

Police file drug crimes charges for pair in Walmart parking lot

Walmart tends to be a one-stop shop for many people's needs. However, Texas police say that a couple was using a Walmart parking lot to cook up something that they did not purchase from the grocery section of the store. Both people have since been arrested and charged with committing drug crimes. It is not clear if their bond has been set yet.

Police turned up in the Walmart parking lot at around 3 a.m., following a report that someone had made. Authorities discovered a 34-year-old man and 22-year-old woman in of a vehicle, apparently behaving in a suspicious manner. Upon approaching the vehicle, attending officers claimed that they could make out the scent of cooking methamphetamine, and proceeded to search the vehicle.

Texas man charged with drunk driving

It is not uncommon for drivers accused of being intoxicated behind the wheel to face more than one criminal charge. This is the case for a Texas man who is facing two counts of intoxication assault for an alleged drunk driving accident. According to police, the driver was drinking at a bar shortly before the collision.

Witnesses told police that the driver in question was driving a pickup truck when he approached a red light at around 1 a.m. However, instead of stopping, he supposedly continued through the intersection without applying his brakes. The pickup truck then T-boned another vehicle that might have had the right-of-way.

Criminal defense: What should I do about this fraud charge?

Facing criminal charges is more than just dealing with the police and courts before moving on with the next stage in your life. There are serious implications to being convicted of a crime, including a criminal record that will follow you for years on top of possible jail time and hefty fines. Depending on the charge, you could even lose out on valuable employment opportunities. Because of this, it is important for you to handle your criminal defense planning in a careful manner.

Crimes involving credit cards can range in type, but often involve charges of fraud or theft. Financial crimes such as these are typically investigated and prosecuted aggressively, which can be difficult for the average Texas defendant. When it seems as if investigators and prosecutors are coming at you from all sides, things can quickly begin to feel hopeless.

Father facing drunk driving charges for fatal accident

A Texas father is currently in police custody for allegedly causing a deadly accident. Accused of drunk driving, authorities have filed several charges, including at least two counts of intoxication assault and felony murder. His blood-alcohol content was allegedly about three times that of the legal limit at the time of his arrest.

The 33-year-old father was apparently driving while his wife and two children were passengers. While heading eastbound, he supposedly blew through a red light at an intersection on U.S. 90 and struck another vehicle that had the right-of-way. It is unclear if anyone in the second vehicle was hurt, but there were several serious injuries in his own vehicle.

Drug possession laws and where to seek support in Texas

Do you have a clear understanding of Texas drug possession laws? If you hesitated to answer, you are definitely not the only one as such laws often vary from being quite complex to extremely vague. Drug laws differ by state as well, and something you might think is legal in one place may not be in another. If police arrest you on suspicion of a drug crime, you may have your work cut out to try mitigate your circumstances, especially if prosecutors file charges down the line.

It's always a good idea to know as much as you can about your personal rights and the multiple amendments of the U.S. Constitution that protect them. It is also good, however, to research state drug possession laws so you at least know what you're up against if a problem arises. You never have it to go it alone when facing drug-related legal problems, and you can access support to help you build a strong case.

Criminal defense: Woman accused of stealing packages

Texas shoppers accomplished much of last season's holiday shopping through online retailers, but some of those people might not have received all of their packages. Police recently arrested a woman they say stole hundreds of those packages from Texas homes. She is currently facing charges for possessing a controlled substance as well as for mail theft, the latter of which are federal charges, which makes criminal defense planning especially important.

At approximately 4:30 a.m. on a Sunday, local police were alerted to a person who was tampering with mailboxes in a Texas community. Upon their arrival, they located a vehicle that witnesses had reported seeing in the area. After initiating a traffic stop, officers claim they could see hundreds of packages and other forms of mail inside of the vehicle.

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