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Theft charges filed after shark removed from aquarium

A Texas man who allegedly tried to steal a shark was recently released on bond. Police filed state felony theft charges, and he is expected to face federal charges as well. Two other individuals were involved in the incident, although neither has been charged.

Police claim that the 38-year-old man removed a gray horn shark from its tank at an aquarium, placed a blanket around it and then placed it into a baby carriage. Staff noticed that water was dripping from the stroller as the man and two other people left, and they followed the three into the parking lot. They asked to look inside of the stroller, but the three adults insisted that they could not stop as they were leaving to get medication for their baby. Staff then reviewed security footage and discovered images that seemed to show the man in question removing the shark from the tank.

Are field sobriety tests required?

You, like many other people, like to indulge yourself every now and then with a couple of drinks with friends. You always make sure to remain responsible with your drinking habits and never want to put anyone else in danger due to your actions. Of course, even if you do not feel intoxicated, a police officer may still have suspicions about your state of sobriety.

Even if an officer does not stop your vehicle because he or she initially thinks you are intoxicated, probable cause for the stop, like a broken tail light, may exist. After making the stop, the officer may then ask whether you have had any alcoholic beverages or other similar questions. You may immediately feel your pulse begin to quicken, and before you know it, the officer has asked you to step out of the vehicle.

Police arrest 2 men for alleged drug crimes

Two men were recently arrested for drug-related activity in a Walmart parking lot. Facing charges for several drug crimes, at least one of the men was also wanted in another jurisdiction for similar reasons. It is not clear if either of the two are still in police custody.

An unknown individual alerted Texas police to the presence of at least one man who was possibly asleep in a running vehicle in the parking lot. When officers responded to the call, they say they found two men who allegedly behaved as if they were nervous and evaded questions when possible. One of the two -- a 21-year-old man -- apparently withdrew something from his pocket and placed it inside of the vehicle in front of officers, which apparently prompted them to search him.

Police charge teenager for drunk driving wreck

It is no secret that a criminal record can impact the course of a person's life. This is especially true for young adults in Texas who have an untold number of opportunities before them, but who have been accused of committing a crime. A comprehensive defense plan is especially important for these young defendants, such as a teenager who was recently accused of a serious drunk driving violation

Police claim that a 17-year-old high school student caused a single-vehicle wreck that killed two of his classmates. The teen allegedly told police that he drank a bottle of wine before getting behind the wheel on the night of the wreck. Two of his friends -- both were 16-year-old girls -- joined him in the vehicle, although it is not clear if they had also been drinking. 

Driver accused of drunk driving could face more charges

A Texas man accused of recently fleeing the scene of an accident made an unexpected move -- he returned to the scene. The driver was arrested and police say they will likely file drunk driving charges soon. However, he could also face additional charges related to the accident.

The accident occurred at around 9 p.m., and involved a pedestrian who was crossing the street at a marked crosswalk. The driver of an SUV traveling on the same road apparently did not see the pedestrian in time to stop and hit him, causing the victim to suffer fatal injuries. Police say that at that point the driver fled the scene.

Criminal defense plans unclear for woman facing charges

A Texas woman is facing serious charges for alleged theft of property from her place of work. She was recently indicted by a grand jury and could face potentially serious consequences if convicted. It is unclear if the woman has begun any preparations for her future criminal defense.

The woman worked as an administrative office clerk at a local water utility office until Jan. 30, 2018, when she was fired for allegedly violating policies and procedures for the utility company. It is not clear if those purported actions were related to her subsequent arrest in early July 2018. The woman's father was board president during the periods of time she is accused of criminal activity, but he is no longer with the utility.

When could a DUI charge turn into an aggravated allegation?

Drinking and driving is a serious crime in itself because of the hazards it poses to you and other individuals on the road. As a result, even if you do not feel particularly impaired after having a few drinks, you could still end up facing charges if authorities believe that alcohol has diminished your abilities.

You may not think that a DUI charge will come with steep penalties, but these allegations can cause many difficulties in your life if a conviction takes place. Additionally, different levels of DUI charges exist, and if you end up facing an aggravated DUI charge, the possible punishments could prove even more severe.

Drug crimes charges filed against Texas man

Criminal charges can have a significant impact on defendant's lives. Convictions can follow people for years to come, making it difficult to carry on with life as normal. For those facing serious criminal allegations -- such as drug charges -- prompt action regarding defense options is usually a smart idea.

A Texas man is facing multiple drug charges after a police officer spotted him in a motel parking lot. According to the officer, the 31-year-old man was sitting in a vehicle with a woman, but it is not clear why the officer chose to approach the two. While speaking with them he allegedly noticed that they smelled like marijuana, and he asked the defendant to step outside the vehicle and submit to a search.

Hit-and-run accident leads to drunk driving charges

Criminal charges for drivers accused of being intoxicated behind the wheel are severe and can quickly lead to a loss of driving privileges, fines and jail time. These consequences may be even more severe when drunk driving charges are filed alongside other charges, such as intoxication manslaughter. One Texas man is dealing with this situation following a deadly hit-and-run accident.

Witnesses apparently called police to the scene of the wreck shortly after it happened. According to their reports, the 29-year-old drove his van over a curb and struck a 48-year-old man around 7:15 p.m. The victim died at the scene. Instead of stopping to check on the man, he allegedly returned to the roadway and continued driving. A passenger was seen exiting and running away from the scene, although that individual was later apprehended by authorities.

Criminal defense: Texas family accused of running theft ring

Texas authorities recently arrested four people believed to be running a local theft ring. Of those arrested, one is a former police officer while another worked as a librarian at a high school. These types of charges may lead to serious criminal consequences if convictions result, so an early criminal defense plan may be a smart idea.

The 54-year-old former officer allegedly encouraged methamphetamine users to steal from area stores. According to the individuals who carried out the thefts, he would send them Facebook messages directing them to area stores -- including Walmart and Home Depot -- with a list of items that he wanted. Upon receipt, the ex-cop paid them half-price for the items. 

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