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Texas criminal defense: Police arrest 2 robbery suspects

Police in Texas recently arrested two men they believe responsible for a robbery in the Houston area. The charges against them may be quite serious. As such, each of the accused has the right to employ a criminal defense attorney who will fight to protect their best interests.

According to a local news report, on Wednesday, Jan. 18, three men were spotted in an SUV that had been stolen earlier that same day. Officers attempted a traffic stop, but the driver allegedly failed to comply. This led to a car chase and crash in the area of W. Airport and Chimney Rock. After crashing the SUV, the suspects tried to flee on foot. Officers apprehended two of the men; the third individual remains at large.

What is the deal with bail and bonds in Texas?

In the news, you often read about those arrested for alleged crimes leaving police custody after "posting bail" or "posting a bond." What exactly does that mean? How do they get the money? What is the deal with bail and bonds in the state of Texas?

If arrested, bail or bond is money paid in order to secure your release from jail until the completion of your criminal proceedings. This is money obtained after your booking, so some jail time is likely to occur initially. In some cases, a judge may not allow bail or bond at all -- it depends on the crime and a number of other factors.

Texas drug crimes: Possession facts

Texas residents, or even visitors to the state, who are charged with drug possession may find themselves in tough legal spots. While many believe this is the least serious of all all drug crimes, it does not mean it is something that the state treats lightly. This week this column will address the ins and outs of possession.

What constitutes drug possession? By definition, possession is intentionally and knowingly possessing a controlled substance -- whether it is a street drug or a prescription medication without a prescription. The intent or knowledge is what prosecutors have to prove in order to achieve a conviction in criminal court.

Texas criminal defense: concealed weapon carriers be careful

Many Texas residents own guns. A number of them have concealed carry permits and, therefore, need to be careful about when and where they choose to show their weapons. Doing it without just cause could result in criminal charges and the need for a criminal defense.

Carrying a concealed firearm is a right offered to just about anyone who is willing to go through the necessary process to gain a permit. Those with certain criminal offenses on their records will not be able to obtain such a permit, and those who have this permit may lose it if criminally convicted on certain charges. It is only a right reserved for those who can show they can carry a loaded firearm responsibly.

Police officer charged with drunk driving

On Dec. 18, police in Houston received a call regarding a motorist asleep at the wheel in an active traffic lane. Upon investigating the incident, the driver was arrested for drunk driving. The consequences for such a crime can have serious consequences, particularly as the accused is a member of the police force.

According to reports, just after midnight, police responded to a call about a man sleeping in his car on South Loop East around the 8000 block. Officers had to wake the man. He was promptly arrested and transferred to a holding facility for alleged DUI.

Drunk driving cases are not just handled in criminal court

Most people think that if they get charged with driving under the influence, the whole issue can be settled in a Texas criminal court. While the bulk of fighting a drunk driving case happens in criminal court, there is another side to it, of which many people are not aware. In order to fight to keep driving privileges following a DUI arrest in which one refused to submit to chemical testing or failed chemical testing, one has to go through an administrative hearing.

The Administrative License Revocation Program works to keep DUI offenders off the road. Anyone accused of driving under the influence but who failed to submit to breath or blood tests, or who failed these tests, could -- according to state laws -- lose their driving privileges for anywhere from 90 days to two years. Depending on the number of offenses on one's record, it could be longer.

You have many options for defending yourself against DWI charge

You are dealing with an arrest for drunk driving, and your future flashes behind your eyes. Will you go to jail? And will you be able to keep your job -- or get another job?

Fortunately, just because you face a DWI charge does not mean you are automatically guilty. The government in Texas has to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can take place. You have a few options for mounting a strong defense in a DWI case in the Lone Star State.

Texas violent crimes: Man wanted for beating wife and child

A Texas man is wanted by Houston police for allegedly beating his wife and hurting his stepson. The alleged incident occurred back in June, but police have yet to make an arrest. Violent crimes such as domestic violence are not taken lightly, and police will do everything necessary to bring the accused in to face trial for his alleged actions.

According to reports, a 33-year-old male was in his home in North Houston when he supposedly started punching his wife. The woman's 7-year-old son was also home at the time and tried to stop the violence. Unfortunately, in doing so, he was thrown back and injured when his head hit an object.

Experience matters when defending against charges of drug crimes

Tackling any type of case in the criminal justice system can prove challenging. However, those involving drug crimes are particularly difficult. The state if Texas takes a hard stance on illegal drug use. If you find yourself in the position of needing to defend yourself against drug charges, having an experienced attorney at your side may prove extremely valuable.

It does not matter if you are accused of a minor drug offense, such as simple possession, or a major drug offense, such as trafficking, the consequences of a conviction can have a significant impact on your life. Penalties associated with drug crimes include jail time, imprisonment and hefty fines. Anytime behind bars can affect your ability to provide for yourself and your family, as having a criminal record can make it difficult to get a job when you get out.

Criminal defense to homicide of DPS officer may be expected

The Texas Department of Public Safety was mourning one of its own after an officer was killed while performing a traffic stop in Freestone County. The incident occurred at 4 p.m. when the DPS officer was reportedly returning to his vehicle after confronting the suspect. The suspect allegedly shot and killed the officer at that time with a rifle. It is currently unknown whether the accused man will have a criminal defense to present to the homicide charges.

The suspect drove away after the shooting and was arrested about five hours later in Waller County, which is near Houston. While it is unclear, officials are apparently indicating that, prior to the shooting, the officer had radioed into headquarters the information on the suspect and the identification of the vehicle license plate numbers. The information was published on the Twitter account of the Denton County District Attorney while the hunt for the suspect was ongoing.

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