Anyone who is charged with a drug crime in Texas faces serious consequences. However, at least 17 Texas Christian University students are now not only facing criminal consequences for allegedly selling drugs, but if convicted, will also end up expelled from the college.

According to published reports, 17 students, which included four university football players, were recently arrested after a six month investigation. During that time, authorities allegedly used undercover agents to purchase drugs off of the students. These drugs included marijuana, ecstasy pills and prescription drugs.

The investigation was supposedly started after parents and other students complained to police. These drug deals were supposedly taking place on and off campus.

The TCU police chief also sounds rather sure of the arrests, saying there’s “no doubt all arrested today are drug dealers.” Additionally, police are yet to rule out if these arrests are just the tip of the iceberg, and if more students will also end up getting arrested.

The school chancellor has already said that those who were arrested were “immediately separated from TCU” and that if they are found guilty of these accusations they will all be expelled from the college.

When looking at these recent arrests, it’s important to keep in mind that even though the police chief for the university sounds very sure about what happened, none of these students have actually been found guilty. There is always the chance that these charges will get dismissed, reduced, or that the students will be found innocent.

In general, because of the very serious consequences that anyone can face when it comes to drug charges — including college students — it is important to talk with a Texas criminal defense attorney to make sure that all options are explored in order to try reach the best possible outcome to those charges.

Source: USA Today, “17 TCU students arrested on drug charges,” Douglas Stanglin, Feb. 15, 2012