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Lubbock Planned Parenthood CEO accused of indecent exposure

The president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Association of Lubbock was recently arrested and accused of exposing his genitals in Mackenzie Park. The accusations are likely to result in severe damage to his reputation. The police report lists a 43-year-old male as the victim. Texas law defines a victim of indecent exposure as a person who is present and offended by another individual publically exposing their genitals. The case is still under investigation.

Prank lands Texas high school seniors with felony crime charges

Whether it's a matter of getting the principle's car on the roof of the school, placing ringing alarm clocks in lockers or letting oiled pigs roam the school's halls, senior pranks are a time honored tradition amongst high school senior across the country, and Texas seniors are no exception.

Texas Highway Patrol on high alert this Spring Break

As of late, many Texans have one thing on their mind: Spring Break. Spring Break means a chance to take a break and relax. For many Texans, as well as vacationers visiting Texas, part of relaxation is enjoying an alcoholic beverage. Texas authorities are aware of this and as a result have increased the patrol and crack down of drunk drivers during Spring Break.

Texas football coach domestic violence case dismissed

When the police are called on accusations of domestic violence, the consequences could be severe. One football coach from Texas found out the hard way how severe those consequences can be.

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