Whether it’s a matter of getting the principle’s car on the roof of the school, placing ringing alarm clocks in lockers or letting oiled pigs roam the school’s halls, senior pranks are a time honored tradition amongst high school senior across the country, and Texas seniors are no exception.

Several Texas high school students are facing felony crime charges in the wake of their senior prank that was caught on school surveillance. The teenagers’ arrest occurred at their high school Monday in Clint, Texas. Multiple students now face charges of organized crime.

The alleged crime and charges facing the teens? The tapes depict multiple students dressed in penguin suits while drawing on the walls, and gluing light switches and doors. Because more than three students were involved, it is considered an organized crime. Furthermore, the damages from the gluing and drawing are reportedly large enough to qualify as criminal mischief.

Regardless of if the charges may seem comical, the consequences are serious, and could include a possibility of prison time. Third-degree felony organized crime charges could put the students behind bars for up to three years, but the judge could still chose to enact an even harsher sentence.

While the students may have previously been looking forward to the end of their high school career and the possibility that lay beyond, they may now be looking to defend their actions. If convicted, the impacts of these charges could be lasting and follow the students for the rest of their lives.

Source: My Fox Houston, “Students Facing Felony Charges over Alleged Prank,” Mar. 22, 2012