When the police are called on accusations of domestic violence, the consequences could be severe. One football coach from Texas found out the hard way how severe those consequences can be.

The Texas native and former Notre Dame offensive coordinator had just landed a new job with University of Pittsburgh as the head football coach when he and the mother of his son got into an argument. He grabbed the mother, allegedly hurting her, resulting in the mother placing a call to 911. Consequently, the Texas football coach was charged with domestic violence and almost immediately fired from his position as head coach at University of Pittsburgh.

The football coach sought legal representation because he was charged with felony domestic battery and a second count of misdemeanor domestic violence. It was ruled that with these charges the coach qualified for the diversion program.

The diversion program consisted of 60 hours of community service, which the Texas man completed at a church, counseling and no additional encounters with the authorities. Through completion of this diversion program, the court dismissed the coach’s domestic violence case.

The earlier the accused consults with an attorney, the more likely the case is to be dismissed, as in the Texas football coach’s situation. Presently, the Texas coach is working for an oil company but desires to get back to his football roots. Since the dismissal of the case, the coach has filed a lawsuit against University of Pittsburgh under charges that school officials violated federal law and breached their contract with the coach in firing him.

Source: WSBT, “Judge dismisses former Notre Dame coach Haywood’s domestic violence case,” Mary Kate Malone, Feb. 10, 2012