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Suspect in Picasso vandalism faces felony charges

Earlier this month, a famous 1929 Picasso painting located at the Menil Collection was vandalized. The painting, called "Woman in a Red Armchair" was tagged with a spray-painted stencil of a bull and bullfighter. The word "conquista" was also sprayed on the piece. Now, criminal charges are pending because of the incident.

'Stand your ground' did not extend to Texas neighbor's home

As many Texans know, stand your ground laws have been under public scrutiny as of late. Many believe the law permits an individual too much leeway to make violent decisions. However, when defending one's self, it is imperative to have laws which protect the reasonable efforts an individual makes to save his own life. Without such protective laws, a person may be forced to choose between a misdemeanor or felony criminal charge, or self-preservation.

Fatal DUI accident in Houston leads to 55-year prison sentence

Mistakes are made every day. A bad decision can lead to a missed bus or even a car crash. As most of us know, the law prescribes penalties for many of these accidents. However, the legal consequences assigned to an act of negligence are usually less than those assigned to an intended act, such as murder -- even if the accident happened because of drunk driving.

Texas no-refusal laws in full force over summer holidays

An increasing number of counties and states are passing no-refusal DUI laws, including counties Texas. As such, it is more important than ever for Texas residents to be aware of the substance of no-refusal laws and what it means to violate them. As we move into the summer months, where the increase in drinking, driving and boating activities often involves an increase in DUI stops as well, the topic is particularly important.

Parole rates rise for convicted sex offenders in Texas

In the 1990s, Texas took a hard look at crime and imposed some harsh policies on prison time consequences, often referred to as the three-strikes-and-you're-out era. Twenty years later, these inmates are finally being released. However, the state has maintained its grip on more released inmates than ever, increasing parole impositions on a high number of supposedly free ex-prisoners.

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