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Texas switches to single-drug injection in spite of opposition

It has been a matter of public debate for decades. The state of Texas still uses the death penalty to punish certain crimes. Thus, in the state of Texas, a criminal conviction for certain penalties can involve not only long-term consequences such as jail time, but also the end of one's life entirely. A good criminal defense will strive to avoid such a harsh penalty -- a penalty that many believe is a constitutional violation of citizens' rights. Nonetheless, as the death penalty persists as law in Texas, the state continues to update its procedures.

Drug ring bust leads to jail time

Drug convictions have not only the power to substantially affect the lives of the accused, but they can also involve some rather complicated charges. In a situation where authorities allege a ring of conspirators were involved in drug trafficking, individuals might be convicted of crimes that they themselves did not even actually commit.

Houston-area crime lab losing its home

A fair justice system in the United States, and adequate criminal defense, demand that sufficient evidence exists in order to convict an individual of a crime. For example, if a prosecutor does not possess sufficient evidence to prove an accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the individual should not be convicted of the crime. Now, we are seeing reports that the upcoming temporary closure of a Montgomery County crime lab could result in evidentiary issues for the state.

Houston authorities step up DWI enforcement over July 4 holiday

It seems that every time we celebrate a holiday in Texas, we also see news reports about increased DWI enforcement efforts undertaken by state and local law enforcement agencies. The Fourth of July was definitely no exception to the rule.

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