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Man arrested in Texas on suspicion of attempted kidnapping

There are a number of reasons for law enforcement to charge an individual for a crime. A person may be suspected of stealing, burglary or drunk driving for example. Any one of these allegations may result in an investigation, criminal trial and damage to reputation. Yet, there is one charge and one manner of obtaining evidence upon which to base such a charge that can be particularly troublesome to the accused, sex crime allegations based on undercover operations.

Allegations at Lackland Base carry consequences for accused

A sex crime conviction, or even just an allegation, can have an utterly devastating effect on an individual's life. A conviction often means prison time, large fines, future sex offender registration and difficulty getting jobs and apartments. Even a mere accusation can cause irreparable damage to reputation. A recent string of disciplinary actions for alleged sex crimes at Lackland Air Force Base may mean all of the above for those accused.

Father accused of drunk driving with children in truck

As previous posts have highlighted, the effects of an arrest, criminal charge or conviction can potentially influence a person's life for a long period of time. Drunk driving allegations are one such charge that can create life-long consequences.

Austin crime lab may be in the clear

Allegations pertaining to the inadequacies of Texas crime labs have littered the news as of late. A previous post covered the recent Houston crime laboratory raid that occurred as a result of allegations that the lab was manufacturing illegal substances. Another post touched on a Texas crime lab closure that would potentially cause weeks of delays in test results. Evidence plays a serious role in a criminal conviction and for this reason, crime labs must function properly and fairly.

Federal agents raid alleged Houston drug lab

In recent years there has been an increase in the use of synthetic "designer drugs." Sold as bath salts, incense or plant food, under names like "Bliss," "Ivory Wave" and "Vanilla Sky," the substances reportedly have effects similar to cocaine or methamphetamine. Users have reported a number of effects including paranoia, disorientation and violent behavior. Because these drugs are relatively new on the market, they have only recently been outlawed.

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