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Father accused of drunk driving with children in truck

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As previous posts have highlighted, the effects of an arrest, criminal charge or conviction can potentially influence a person's life for a long period of time. Drunk driving allegations are one such charge that can create life-long consequences.

A drunk driving charge and conviction can result in jail time, substantial fines and a black mark on a person's criminal records. While the negative effect of jail time and fines are self-explanatory, the implication of the conviction on a person's record is a bit more complicated. A criminal record, particularly one that includes a felony, can make it harder for someone to rent an apartment, gain or retain custody of children, or get a job. A Houston, Texas, man who was recently involved in a car accident may be facing the prospect of future difficulties like these.

According to authorities, a man ran a red light while driving his pickup truck. While he was passing through the intersection, he was hit by another vehicle. The impact caused his truck to flip multiple times before ending up in a ditch. The incident occurred on Greens Road near Lee. There were five children, ranging in ages from two months old to 12 years old, in the truck at the time. Everyone in the truck, including all five children, was taken to the hospital as a result of the accident.

The father was then arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Under Texas law, if the man is convicted, even though it could be his first driving under the influence offense, he may face a felony conviction because he was driving with young children in the vehicle.

If convicted of a felony, the father faces the potential of jail time, fines and many other long-term consequences.

Source: Houston Chronicle, "HPD say drunken dad crashed pickup, hurts 5 kids," Aug. 5, 2012

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