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Behind bars -- for life -- before the age of 17 in Texas

The criminal justice system is designed to convict guilty individuals and impose upon them a sentence that will both punish and deter them from future illegal activities. Further, this punishment is supposed to be measurable to the crime committed. While this system often works, there are some occasions upon which many might question whether the punishment truly fits the crime. It is in these instances that vigorous criminal defense is most needed.

Harris County probation office produces error-ridden drug testing

There is sometimes nothing more life-altering than the serious potential consequences which accompany drug charges. Not only do prison sentences and large fines often follow a conviction, but future damage to reputation and other sentence requirements like probation threaten to make life difficult for an individual. According to recent news, the Harris County probation office has gone above and beyond by making the probation experience for convicted persons not only an inconvenient experience, but a severely unjust one.

Man charged for murder that occurred eight years ago

Unlike civil law, there are no time periods in which the state must bring a case against an accused for a criminal case. Thus, due to cold case investigations, individuals may require criminal defense for a crime committed years or even decades ago. This is why the Harris County Sherriff's Cold Case Unit was permitted to bring an eight-year-old murder charge against a Texas man.

2011 summer heat wave results in ten Texas prisoner deaths

There is no question that Texas is tough on crime. Laws can be harsh and penalties severe for crime allegations ranging from misdemeanors to a felony. This is why adequate criminal defense is so important for anyone accused of a crime in the state of Texas. The criminal defense process does not stop even once an individual is convicted and placed in prison. In addition to the opportunity to appeal a conviction, Texas prisoners must be protected from not only an incorrect conviction, but also improper treatment while imprisoned.

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