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Supreme Court halts scheduled Texas execution

Any sentence associated with a criminal conviction is a serious issue for an accused. Crimes involving misdemeanors or felonies can mean jail time and fines. Yet, in Texas where the death penalty is alive and well, punishments can be much worse. Certain criminal convictions, specifically murder, might mean that the defendant ends up on death row.

Drug cartel continues to be problematic for Texas

It is impossible information to ignore -- Mexico's drug crimes have been problematic for the state of Texas. Recent news of a potentially slain Mexican drug lord may ease some concerns about the continuing drug war. Specifically, word has spread that last week, Mexican marines gunned down one of the country's most feared drug lords at a Texas baseball game. U.S. officials have yet to confirm that the body is in fact the drug lord's. Recent news on the matter may make confirmation even more difficult.

Lakers' Jordan Hill takes agreement in domestic violence case

Domestic violence charges can come with heavy consequences. A conviction can result in fines, jail time and other post-sentence aftermath such as parole and damage to reputation. Sometimes, even mere allegations are enough to create a negative effect for the accused. This is particularly true when domestic violence charges involve a well-known public figure. This is precisely the predicament L.A. Lakers player Jordan Hill is experiencing at this very moment at a Harris, Texas county court case.

Lawmakers impose harsher penalties to human trafficking crimes

The consequences stemming from sex crimes are serious, ranging from hefty fines and jail time to long-term damage to one's reputation. Human trafficking is one particular sex crime however that is under weighty analysis by Texas legislators at the moment.

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