It is impossible information to ignore — Mexico’s drug crimes have been problematic for the state of Texas. Recent news of a potentially slain Mexican drug lord may ease some concerns about the continuing drug war. Specifically, word has spread that last week, Mexican marines gunned down one of the country’s most feared drug lords at a Texas baseball game. U.S. officials have yet to confirm that the body is in fact the drug lord’s. Recent news on the matter may make confirmation even more difficult.

Recently, news spread that the body was stolen from a funeral home in a raid by armed men. The embarrassing incident leaves authorities bewildered. U.S. officials were offering a reward of $5 million for any information leading to the drug charges and the subsequent arrest of the drug lord.

Any drug charges can result in serious consequences. The state of Texas in particular is harsh on drug crime in part due to its proximity to the Mexican border. An arrest for intent to distribute, drug trafficking or drug distribution might result in jail time, large fines and serious consequences to one’s reputation.

Anyone involved in drug distribution stemming from the Mexican drug war could also be implicated in the injuries that have resulted over the number of years. The allegedly slain drug lord, for example, is apparently behind some of Mexico’s bloodiest massacres. Any individuals part of such a conspiracy could be implicated in criminal charges for such incidences.

It is always important to have a vigorous criminal defense when charged with a crime. If one is implicated in drug trafficking, particularly if relating to the Mexican drug lord, serious consequences could attach. However, if the state lacks solid evidence to prove the individual is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, no conviction should result.

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