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Family of three linked to Texas bank robbery and six others

A criminal charge for any crime can carry heavy consequences. From a misdemeanor to a felony, such sentences as jail time and fines cause substantial life interruptions for one convicted. On top of this is the conviction alone, which can make it more difficult to get a job, rent an apartment or obtain custody of one's children later down the road. This is why obtaining a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney is so important when charged with a criminal allegation. A family of three would be wise to hire a legal advocate after recent charges for a Texas bank robbery.

Texas man's life hinges on DNA test results

The criminal consequences of any crime can be harsh. In Texas, however, the sentences that attach to certain crimes can be much worse as compared to other states. That is partly because the State of Texas still carries the death penalty on its books. One Texas man on death row recently had his execution stayed to allow for further DNA testing. Prosecutors have charged with the murder of his girlfriend and her two sons in case of alleged family violence. A subsequent report issued by the attorney general's office on Wednesday, November 14, 2012, however, indicates that prosecutors do not believe that the DNA testing demonstrates that the man is innocent.

Innocent man set free after sex charges

There are many consequences to consider when charged with a sex crime. A sex crime conviction often results in a serious sentence. In addition to years in prison, the accused's personal life can be ruined. A Texas man knows all too well the substantial consequences of a sex crime conviction. That man has recently been exonerated, however.

Ticketing sprees in Texas schools concern lawmakers

There are often moments where Texans may consider the police too harsh or too lenient on an accused. Law enforcement officers are awarded some power of discretion in their determination of probable cause and ticketing or fine impositions. With that discretion, public scrutiny can sometimes follow. Whether an officer has been overly punitive or lacking in enforcement is often a subjective question. However, recent ticket sprees in Texas schools have many people likely including criminal defense lawyers, in opposition of the fine impositions on children.

Texas man sentenced to 24 years for alleged sex crime

The state of Texas takes crime very seriously. The consequences stemming from sex crimes in particular can be extremely harsh in the state. Jail time, heavy fines and serious damage to reputation are just some examples. However, one legal entity that can be even harder on sex crimes than the state of Texas is the federal government. To one Texas man's chagrin, he currently experiences federal penalties for sex crime allegations put forth by federal prosecutors.

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