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Family of three linked to Texas bank robbery and six others

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A criminal charge for any crime can carry heavy consequences. From a misdemeanor to a felony, such sentences as jail time and fines cause substantial life interruptions for one convicted. On top of this is the conviction alone, which can make it more difficult to get a job, rent an apartment or obtain custody of one's children later down the road. This is why obtaining a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney is so important when charged with a criminal allegation. A family of three would be wise to hire a legal advocate after recent charges for a Texas bank robbery.

Police allege that a father, son and daughter robbed a Texas bank in October this year. Authorities also claim the three are connected to as many as six other robberies. According to investigators, only the father and son actually entered the bank while the daughter waited in the car.

While the daughter did not play a role inside of the bank, prosecutors will likely allege that her participation in the robbery as a get-away driver was a form of aiding and abetting the crime. If so, she could face a sentence just as harsh as her father and brother.

A strong criminal defense attorney will counter that her passive role does not deserve such a harsh penalty. Regardless, the family faces a long few months. According to sources, video footage is available that shows the family purchasing the same gear the robbers were wearing in the Texas bank incident.

Texas law does not take crime lightly. Each family member could face heavy fines and years in prison. Additionally, the daughter and son, 18 and 20 respectively, could see serious consequences in the form of reputation damage when it comes to applying to colleges, jobs and housing. A dismissal or not guilty verdict in this case could be life changing for the two young adults.

Source: CBSNews, "Catt Family: Police say father, son, daughter may be linked to 7 bank heists in Texas and Oregon," Nov. 19, 2012

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