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Statute of Limitations on Sex Crimes in Texas

It is truly troublesome to be charged with any crime. The consequences to a conviction can include jail time, large fines and parole requirements. Yet, when one is accused of a sex crime, there are even greater concerns. The state of Texas takes the prosecution of sex crimes particularly seriously due to the nature of the act, which can cause significant damage to any victim. The very long statute of limitations in the state for the prosecution of sex crimes is a testament to how seriously Texas takes charges of a sexual nature.

Texas bill requires some police interrogations be recorded

Texas police go through great lengths to find the perpetrator of a crime. Understandably so, as locating an individual who broke the law is the job of law enforcement. However, there are some who believe that police go too far in their efforts to produce enough evidence with which to charge an individual. Part of these overreaching efforts include the process of interrogating a suspect in a way the results in a false confession and wrongful conviction.

Texas deputy proposes permanent DWI checkpoints

Drunk driving charges can carry substantial life changing penalties. If one is convicted for drunk driving, large fines, driver's license revocation and jail sentences can follow. In the cases of a second or third DWI, jail time might span years. This is why it is important to have solid criminal defense when facing drinking and driving charges.

Accomplice and cellmate testimony questioned in Texas

Texas has a reputation for being harsh on anyone who faces a criminal charge. Prosecutors and lawmakers take criminal acts seriously, imposing substantial consequences on particular violations of the law. The death penalty specifically however is one type of penalty that many believe is a bit too harsh in some cases. While a strong criminal defense will work to avoid such a serious penalty at all costs, this kind of harsh sentence might sometimes be unavoidable due to false or misleading testimony by accomplices or cellmates.

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