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Texas District Attorney proposes race related bill

The worst conviction possible is one that occurs wrongfully and unjustly. For a new Dallas, Texas district attorney, that kind of injustice is dealt too often to individuals of color. For this reason, the DA will propose to Texas lawmakers a criminal justice reform bill. The bill would permit individuals of certain races to raise particular defenses or bring forth special evidence because of the color of their skin.

Grand jury indicts four Texas officers

Texans read a lot about crime committed by common citizens every day. Instances of drug charges, robbery or domestic violence litter media outlets in troves. Yet, it is a rare occurrence to read a story about a criminally charged police officer, accused of crimes committed while on duty as an officer of the law. That however is the main concept behind one recent incident with four Texas police officers recently.

Immigration reform absent from Texas legislative talk

There are many forms of criminal prosecution of which citizens should be aware. Any accusation leading to a conviction has the potential to carry harsh consequences. One of the most difficult crimes to address has to do with immigration. This is a particularly serious issue in the state of Texas, where many immigrants reside.

Improper search accusations pointed at Texas officers

The blog is dedicated to keeping readers up to date on issues of criminal defense in the state of Texas. Often, criminal laws and news issues are focused around the serious consequences that may be associated with a conviction. The criminal justice system is designed to protect all citizens, so they are treated as innocent until proven guilty. Further only solid evidence and guilt predicated on a valid law should lead to conviction. Thus, the consequences of a conviction such as jail time, fines and damage to reputation should not be experienced by those prosecuted with invalid evidence or under a faulty theory of law.

Texas crimes of 2012 and the importance of criminal defense

As all Texas residents know, there are a wide variety of crimes in the state of which an individual may be prosecuted and convicted. Any potential conviction should be taken seriously by an accused as sentences can include substantial jail time, large fines, and a criminal record. Damage to one's reputation is also a serious problem associated with conviction or even an accusation. Unfortunately, particularly in smaller communities, word of criminal proceedings against a community member travels fast and can have even faster consequences on that individual's job prospects, ability to rent or buy a home and even obtain child custody. This is why vigorous criminal defense is so vital in all criminal cases.

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