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Former prosecutor facing inquiry for withholding evidence

When an innocent man is sent to prison, red flags should arise around the country that something is deeply wrong with the criminal justice system. This is precisely what is happening in the state of Texas, where a former Texas prosecutor faces inquiry into his conduct in the prosecution of a 32-year-old man over 25 years ago.

One of Texas' most wanted arrested for sex crime

It is not easy to face a criminal charge, particularly when such charge is a felony. Yet, for Texas residents, a sex crime allegation may be one of the harshest charges available. This is simply because the state of Texas takes sex offenses extremely seriously, imposing harsh sentences on convicted individuals. On top of jail time and substantial fines, a sex crime conviction, and even an allegation alone, can mean serious consequences.

Texas man pleads to review crime scene evidence

Quite a while ago, a Texas man was accused of the 1998 killing of a female college student. Subsequently, the man was convicted of the crime based on circumstantial evidence. He is now on death row, but still fighting for his freedom. He and his attorney have pleaded with the court to allow them to perform DNA testing on any crime scene evidence that could prove his innocence.

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