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Texas legislature considering new DWI consequence

There are many criminal offenses to avoid for any number of reasons including the potential for substantial fines, prison time and damage to one's reputation. Specifically, sex crimes are associated with a particularly heavy consequence; that of being forever listed on a dreaded sex offender registry. For a few Texas lawmakers, the concept of the registry should be extended to a few particular forms of drunk driving convictions as well.

Texas bill could help reduce wrongful convictions

As previous posts have indicated, a wrongful conviction is the worst nightmare of both the accused and the criminal justice system generally. In Texas, the judicial system is in place to ensure the proper evidence, statements and other documents are brought forth to the court to ensure a jury obtains a full and accurate depiction of the events. Yet, the state of criminal defense in Texas could be better. Every year, individuals are released after it is determined they were wrongfully convicted.

Texas high court upholds death sentence on sex crime conviction

Sex crime allegations are serious accusations. The state of Texas takes any sex crime seriously and as such, the consequences to a sex-crime related conviction in the state can be a large burden to bear. On top of the traditional consequences associated with sex crimes, such as large fines and prison time, are additional burdens including damage to one's reputation that can later hinder the ability to find a job or rent an apartment. A Texas man is currently facing such serious consequences after the Texas Court of Appeals upheld his death sentence stemming from a rape and slaying conviction.

Texas officer accused of taking confiscated drugs

It is imperative an individual charged with a crime in Texas take the accusation seriously. The consequences of any crime, ranging from a misdemeanor to a felony can have a substantial impact on an individual's future. Some sentences include large fines and even jail time. Further, a conviction can impact one's ability to obtain employment, rent an apartment or be awarded child custody. One Texas Police Chief is potentially facing all of the consequences in a drug charges case.

Lawmakers pushing to reduce criminal sentences in Texas

The Texas prison system is often overloaded with inmates, a bursting at the seam that repeatedly causes Texas taxpayers millions per year. On top of this, many of the inmates reside in the state facilities for what some might consider petty crimes. Texas lawmakers are now reacting to this potentially unnecessary form of sentencing in a manner that might encourage the world of criminal defense.

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