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Texas officer accused of taking confiscated drugs

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It is imperative an individual charged with a crime in Texas take the accusation seriously. The consequences of any crime, ranging from a misdemeanor to a felony can have a substantial impact on an individual's future. Some sentences include large fines and even jail time. Further, a conviction can impact one's ability to obtain employment, rent an apartment or be awarded child custody. One Texas Police Chief is potentially facing all of the consequences in a drug charges case.

The Southeast Texas Police chief was recently charged with drug possession, after his employees suspected that he was taking drug evidence. After the employees began to suspect the man, they instituted an investigation and then brought their claims to the District County prosecutor. The prosecutor then formally charged the man. Such charges have landed the police chief in jail, with a bond posted at $100,000.

His position as Police Chief has been stayed until the investigation into these allegations are completed. A strong criminal defense will ideally serve this man well. It's not clear at this time as to the evidence that existed which led the prosecutor to charge the man. However, if the complaint is based on anything less than probable cause, the charges should be dismissed.

Further, if the case ultimately goes to trial, a court may not convict him unless his guilt is proven beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a truly high standard of proof and requires substantial evidence in order to hold an individual responsible for a crime. Thus, a vigorous criminal defense attorney will analyze the evidence intently, focusing on where it came from and how much exists. The chief already has legal access to the drugs for purposes of evidence storage. How the employees determined he managed to illegally possess the drugs will be a crucial factor in the outcome of the case.

Source: Houston Chronicle, "SE Texas police chief charged with drug possession," Feb. 21, 2013.

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