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Bill focuses on repairing wrongful conviction rate in Texas

A new bill in Texas could help reduce the number of innocent individuals placed behind bars. In the past 25 years, at least 117 convicted defendants were later exonerated of the crime. This is the highest number in the nation. For Texas criminal defense attorneys, guilty verdict applied to an innocent person is the worst result possible. Ideally, this new legislation will help reduce these numbers in the future.

Race horse purchase leads to drug related charges

Drug charges of any kind are certainly troubling to face. Particularly in the state of Texas, where drug penalties are severe, the consequences to a drug crime conviction can be rather serious. This is why it is vital to take any drug charges seriously, present an adequate defense, and follow the obligatory legal path to disputing one's guilt. The brother to an infamous Cartel leader is likely on this path currently after being accused of hiding illegal profits via the purchase of race horses.

Crime lab errors could lead to mishandling of evidence

Individuals in the state of Texas put an incredible amount of faith in the justice system. The process of criminal prosecution possesses a number of standards including requirements for evidence introduction and proper witnesses for testimony that should allow for convictions of only the guilty individuals. Unfortunately, there are holes in the criminal process and as a result justice is not always served.

Texas lawmakers may alter sex-offender registry

A charge and conviction for a sex crime can be an incredibly damaging experience. Not only does one face substantial fines and a significant jail sentence, but the damage to reputation can last a life-time. This reputation damage is particularly concerning for those who must partake in the Texas sex offender registry. Such registration is posted on the state's website where any individual can see a list of convicted sex offenders including where they live and work.

Questionable criminal defense leads to overturned conviction

To be convicted of a crime is a substantial and serious life experience. One hopes that during the conviction process, the legal system permits for a fair and just verdict. This is unfortunately not always the case, however. Occasionally crucial evidence is never presented, jury bias exists and even a legal advocate fails to do his or her job. Such a combination of factors is often a nightmare montage for criminal defense attorneys.

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