Drug charges of any kind are certainly troubling to face. Particularly in the state of Texas, where drug penalties are severe, the consequences to a drug crime conviction can be rather serious. This is why it is vital to take any drug charges seriously, present an adequate defense, and follow the obligatory legal path to disputing one’s guilt. The brother to an infamous Cartel leader is likely on this path currently after being accused of hiding illegal profits via the purchase of race horses.

The man, closely related to a leader of the violent criminal organization, has recently been charged with hiding drug profits gained by the Mexican cartel by purchasing race horses. He is now preparing to face trial at a federal court in Texas. Prosecutors will provide opening statements soon in the litigation.

This case likely resides in federal court because it involves potentially illegal activity that crosses state lines. The brother, working on behalf of the Mexican cartel, purchased the subject race horses in Oklahoma. The man’s wife and daughter have pleaded guilty to lesser charges.

The man’s lawyers have apparently provided a defense and plan to bring forth evidence which indicates another reason for the purchase of the horses. A vigorous criminal defense when facing drug related charges is absolutely vital in order to avoid substantial jail time, surmounting fines and severe damage to one’s reputation. A strong criminal defense will combat the prosecution’s case by keeping out irrelevant evidence, conclusions based on disputed science and improper witness statements among other items.

In order to be found guilty of any crime, a jury must find that the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a relatively difficult standard to prove and for the very specific reason that lives are at stake.

Source: Newser, “Cartel leaders’ brother accused of laundering drug money through Okla. Horse ranch faces trial,” April 16, 2013.