A charge and conviction for a sex crime can be an incredibly damaging experience. Not only does one face substantial fines and a significant jail sentence, but the damage to reputation can last a life-time. This reputation damage is particularly concerning for those who must partake in the Texas sex offender registry. Such registration is posted on the state’s website where any individual can see a list of convicted sex offenders including where they live and work.

This might not be the case for long however, at least when it comes to the sex offender registry and employment listing. A recent proposal in Texas would take where the individual works off the public registry. Such proposal is at the behest of business owners in the state who no doubt want to offer these individuals job opportunities but would like to avoid the negative effects such a hire could have to their business.

It is a certainly a minor proposal, but one that would make the process of integrating back into the community and partaking in a productive life much more feasible for those convicted.

The state of Texas is certainly tough on sex offenders, imposing some of the harshest laws in the country on those convicted. Yet, imposing alterations to current laws that would make it more possible for an individual to work and be a contributing member of society post-conviction seems to be better for all.

A sex offense charge is not something to take lightly. Adequate defense and a carefully planned case are absolutely vital to a fair verdict. While lawmakers may be working to lighten the registry law, the consequences to a sex offense conviction are still substantially serious.

Source: Independent Records, “Texas sex offenders in sight of policy win,” March 29, 2013