While there are many harsh consequences to crime in Texas, sentences associated with drug convictions are substantially life altering. Due to the state’s long international border, the issue of drug trafficking across the border is serious. Thus, authorities in Texas often seek to impose harsh penalties on those facing drug charges.

Recently, three men in another state were charged with drug allegations after a long-term investigation allegedly revealed evidence the men possessed and intended to traffic both cocaine and marijuana. Now the men remain in jail on $500,000 bail while they await an arraignment and preliminary hearing.

According to authorities, at least one of the accused possessed a one-way ticket to Texas at the time of apprehension. It is unclear at this time what was the actual intended purpose of such travel. Yet, authorities likely used the ticket as an excuse to set such a high bail, alleging that close ties to Mexico and access to cash make the men flight risks.

Drug charges carry heavy consequences if one is convicted, often including large fines, jail time and even damage to reputation. A drug charge conviction on one’s record can prevent an individual from obtaining future gainful employment, housing or even child custody. It is thus imperative to vigorously defend one’s self when facing any potential drug conviction.

A successful defense often involves pointing out weaknesses in the prosecution’s case as well as identifying any constitutional violations in which the police may have engaged. For example, if authorities search a home, car or one’s possessions without probable cause, this could mean an unreasonable search occurred. Any evidence obtain in an unreasonable search is inadmissible in court. Being informed of one’s rights when facing serious criminal charges can make all the difference in the end.

Source: Sheboygan Press, “Bail set at $500k for suspects in Sheboygan cocaine bust,” July 14, 2013