When a person is facing a criminal charge it is sometimes crucial to follow specific steps in order to ensure the most fair and reasonable process possible. No matter whether a person is facing a misdemeanor or a felony, pursuing a vigorous criminal defense can sometimes make all the difference. The consequences to any crime in Texas can range from substantial fines, volunteer work, probation, jail time and lengthy prison sentences. These substantially life-altering outcomes are likely on the mind of one Houston oncologist, who was recently charged with spiking her lover’s coffee with anti-freeze.

The breast cancer oncologist is facing aggravated assault in Texas after being accused of poisoning both her lover and a co-worker’s coffee with a dangerous chemical. The lover, a specialist in lung, head and neck cancers, suffered a protracted loss of use of his kidneys and is currently being treated.

According to the oncologist’s attorney, she is completely innocent of the crime for which she accused. Citing an upstanding reputation in the community and inconsistent allegations with her personal and professional life, the lawyer has made it apparent the accused will likely not be pleading guilty to the accusations.

In order to adequately defend any crime, it is important to gain access to all relevant evidence, point out holes in the prosecution’s case and bring forth any relevant witnesses to dispute the allegations. There are numerous rights to which any accused individual is entitled, and vigorous representation will ensure all such rights are available.

Being accused of any crime is a troubling and emotional experience. Not only are potential consequences such as fines and jail time on the line, but further damage to a person’s reputation can be life-changing. The accused oncologist has been placed on leave at her job for the time being. Even if she is ultimately exonerated of the charges there is no guarantee her reputation with her employer will not be tarnished in the long run due to the accusations.

Source: Reporter News, “Texas crime update: Houston doctor charged with poisoning her lover,” June 9, 2013.