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Doing away with mandatory minimum sentences in Texas

Houston residents are aware that there are often good reasons why criminal laws are enacted. Rising crime rates, efforts to deter future crime and a change in social behavior often require new or altered criminal laws. However, just as likely is the need to eliminate a law as a result of changes in the world.

Texas deputy accused of sexual assault

There is no question that being accused of a crime is a serious and potentially life-altering event. This is why is so imperative Texas residents take seriously any criminal accusations they face. Sex crimes in particular have the potential for lasting, life-altering consequences. Facing a sex crime charge can mean fines, lengthy jail time and damage to reputation.

TX man could be charged for buying drunk driver's drinks

There is no question that one way to find one's self facing serious criminal charges is to drink and drive. A drunk driving charge can result in substantial jail time, fines and serious damage to one's reputation. However, when an individual is not the driver, but, instead, merely a person who bought the convicted drunk driver drinks on the night of the incident, the lines are more blurry.

Texas lethal injections interrupted by drug supply shortage

There are many things to fear when facing criminal charges, including a long prison sentence, heavy fines and life-altering damage to reputation. In Texas, hefty penalties are often handed down for convictions as compared to other states. Among these more serious sentences includes the death penalty, a form of punishment losing support by the day. Yet, the state of Texas continues to use this form of punishment.

Texas rated third in most incarcerated, tough on drug charges

There are many states in the country with high crime rates. Not surprisingly, these states are often the ones that send the most people to prison. Other common denominators among states with high incarceration rates include a population with less education and in high levels of poverty. Yet, these factors do not fully explain Texas' high rate of incarceration.

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