There is no question that being accused of a crime is a serious and potentially life-altering event. This is why is so imperative Texas residents take seriously any criminal accusations they face. Sex crimes in particular have the potential for lasting, life-altering consequences. Facing a sex crime charge can mean fines, lengthy jail time and damage to reputation.

Sadly, even a mere accusation can cause substantial reputation damage. This is particularly true for well-known or public figures in a community. Such is the case of a Texas county deputy recently charged with sexual assault.

According to allegations made by the victim, the deputy knocked on the victim’s door regarding an outstanding warrant on an assault charge. The victim alleges when she answered her door, the deputy implied that she might escape arrest if she performed sexual acts on him. The victim goes on to state that the two entered her apartment where she was forced to perform sexual acts. She indicated to authorities she felt forced to do so in order to escape jail time.

Shortly after the alleged incident, the victim went to a local police station to report the event. The deputy, whose identity has not been released, has been unavailable for questioning to the media. He was temporarily relieved of duty since the incident.

It is imperative to bring forth a strong and detailed defense when accused of a crime in order to reduce or eliminate charges. Pointing out weaknesses in the prosecution’s case as well as supplying convincing evidence can make all the difference in court.

Source: KHOU News, “Harris County deputy resigns amid allegations of sexual misconduct,” Rekkha Muddaraj, Aug. 14, 2013.