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Texas man on death row since 2000

As previous posts have addressed, Texas is one of few states left that still includes the death penalty in its list of potential consequences for serious crimes. Another individual now finds himself quickly approaching this, what some would call horrendous, form of punishment.

Former Houston Rockets player involved in criminal accusation

Being accused of any crime can result in harsh and substantial consequences to anyone. This is why it is imperative one be aware of one's legal rights and obtain proper representation when facing criminal charges, particularly those of as sensitive a nature as domestic violence.

Texas man on death row may be innocent

Being convicted of any crime can have huge consequences, ranging from jail time to fines to damage to reputation. In Texas, a murder crime conviction might mean not only all the above, but also the death penalty. For one Texas man who has been on death row for years in the state, an opportunity to prove his innocence has become more and more real.

Drinking allegations lead to criminal charges

There is no question that many Texans often head out for a night on the town to enjoy a nice dinner, get drinks and spend time with loved ones. Somewhat shockingly, such a night can take a quick turn when accusations are thrown about and authorities become involved. This may have been precisely the experience one player for the National Football League had recently when he was frequenting a bar on a weekend evening.

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