Being accused of any crime can result in harsh and substantial consequences to anyone. This is why it is imperative one be aware of one’s legal rights and obtain proper representation when facing criminal charges, particularly those of as sensitive a nature as domestic violence.

According to reports, on August 30, former Houston Rockets player Royce White’s girlfriend filed a police report about an incident which allegedly occurred in the Houston area back in June. Specifically, the 911 records reflect that on June 22, the girlfriend reported a laceration to her right eye which occurred as a result of an accidental fall. Yet, on August 30, the girlfriend changed her story, indicating that White was instead to blame for the injury.

According to the girlfriend now, White assaulted her after she became frustrated with him for making certain advances toward her friend. This report is now under investigation. White has publicly denied the allegations.

Family violence accusations like this are serious and can result in large fines, prison time and substantial damage to a defendant’s reputation. Even a mere accusation, particularly for a public figure, could mean negative media reports and assumptions made by the public.

A proper criminal defense, however, will point out any of the prosecution’s weaknesses, bring forth credible and relevant witnesses and provide helpful evidence to the court. Such efforts can mean reduced or even dropped charges altogether. Texas criminal law can impose harsh consequences on an individual convicted of domestic violence, which is why it is imperative to take accusations seriously.

Source: CBS Sports, “Report: White under investigation in domestic violence incident,” Matt Moore, Sept. 5, 2013