As previous posts have addressed, Texas is one of few states left that still includes the death penalty in its list of potential consequences for serious crimes. Another individual now finds himself quickly approaching this, what some would call horrendous, form of punishment.

The Texas man was convicted for his role in a drug-related murder which occurred in Rio Grande Valley, Texas over a decade ago. According to authorities, the man and his accomplice stabbed a male victim to death over drugs.

The accused man has been on death row since the early 2000’s. According to reports, since 1982, nine individuals from Rio Grande Valley have been executed. The man will be the tenth from the area.

Being accused of any crime is a serious matter. Potential consequences such as jail time, fines and damage to reputation could result in substantial alterations to one’s life. This is why it is so crucial that one build a strong defense when accused of any crime.

Taking an active and defensive approach to an accusation often involves a serious look into the law and an individuals’ rights. Ensuring proper and relevant evidence is brought forth, important witnesses questioned and adequate defense arguments made can bring out the true story to a judge and jury. Such a defensive approach can mean the difference between jail time and charges being reduced or even dropped altogether.

While it may be too late for this Rio Grande Valley, Texas man, even when facing a serious crime, raising a proper criminal defense can make a substantial difference in one’s criminal case.

Source: Valley Central, “Valley man faces execution on Thursday for McAllen drug murder,” Sergio Chapa, Sept. 23, 2013