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Houston man accused of felony drug possession

In order to charge someone with drug possession in Texas, it must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant possessed a controlled substance and was fully aware of the possession. If the person is then charged, the severity of the consequences is determined by the class of the drug, the quantity possessed, the paraphernalia involved and other relevant details. Consequences for drug crimes range from small fines to time in prison.

Houston man accused of family violence, arson

It is always hard to tell what others are going through at home just based on how they carry themselves while out in their communities. Right here in Houston and across the state of Texas families are putting on good fronts for their friends and neighbors when in reality things at home are in turmoil.

Convicted woman fighting for another chance

Facing any type of criminal charges can be a scary and very serious endeavor. In the state of Texas, where law enforcement and courts take crime extremely seriously, it is imperative that a criminal defense be devised immediately when accused of a crime. When someone is accused of murder in the state of Texas, obtaining a solid criminal defense can mean not only the difference between life in the world or life behind bars, it might mean life or death.

Texas legislators considering change in crime prevention

As previous posts have touched on, the Texas legislature has recently considered altering its policies regarding criminal penalties not only to save money in the state, but also to re-allocate resources to more effectively address criminal behavior.

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