Facing any type of criminal charges can be a scary and very serious endeavor. In the state of Texas, where law enforcement and courts take crime extremely seriously, it is imperative that a criminal defense be devised immediately when accused of a crime. When someone is accused of murder in the state of Texas, obtaining a solid criminal defense can mean not only the difference between life in the world or life behind bars, it might mean life or death.

For one Texas woman, who was convicted for a 1996 murder, the lack of a criminal defense presented at her trial may have resulted in a wrongful conviction. In 1998, the woman was convicted of murder. Her attorneys at the time argued the act was in self-defense and thus not punishable. Yet, the prosecution alleged the woman committed the act during a crack-fueled rage. The woman was ultimately convicted for the crime.

Now, years later, she has brought a case to court alleging her defense team at the time failed to bring forth proper evidence which would have exonerated her. If a judge finds that the woman’s case was thrown by her previous attorneys, she may be entitled to a new trial or more.

The accused’s defense team has submitted affidavits denying the claims. The decision could have a monumental impact on the woman’s life going forward. Being accused of a felony in Texas is certainly a serious endeavor that requires a proper defense and a well thought out case.

Source: Amarillo Globe-News, “Judge to review conviction in brutal Amarillo slaying,” Jim McBride, Oct. 7, 2013