It is always hard to tell what others are going through at home just based on how they carry themselves while out in their communities. Right here in Houston and across the state of Texas families are putting on good fronts for their friends and neighbors when in reality things at home are in turmoil.

Houston police have arrested a local man for what may have been part of a household dispute between he and his wife. The 29-year-old suspect has been accused of assaulting his wife and setting a fire at their home. Law enforcement officials became involved in this alleged incident of family violence when the man’s wife called 911 and he was taken into police custody.

Family violence arrests can be particularly damaging to those who are arrested and charged with crimes. While legitimate instances of domestic abuse and violence certainly occur, there are also instances when emotions run hot and accusations are made that may not reflect the complete truth of what happened in a familial disagreement.

As the facts of this story are sorted out the accused will have to deal with allegations made against him as well as the repercussions of his arrest. If he is convicted of the very severe arson and family violence charges he could face serious consequences that include significant jail time.

Though it is impossible to predict if a trial will conclude with a conviction or an acquittal, individuals like this man who are facing criminal charges can help themselves during the judicial process by preparing strong criminal defense to their alleged crimes. The assistance of criminal law specialists in such preparations can greatly aid such people who may require the knowledge and support of a legal professional.

Source: KHOU News, “HPD: Man douses wife with gasoline, starts fire at southeast Houston home,” Oct. 14, 2013