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Houston man accused of felony drug possession

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In order to charge someone with drug possession in Texas, it must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant possessed a controlled substance and was fully aware of the possession. If the person is then charged, the severity of the consequences is determined by the class of the drug, the quantity possessed, the paraphernalia involved and other relevant details. Consequences for drug crimes range from small fines to time in prison.

One local resident was recently pulled over while driving in Houston after he allegedly violated a minor traffic law. Police claim that the defendant fled the scene and led them on a high-speed chase, until they eventually forced him to turn off the road and arrested him. Marijuana, codeine, Xanax and MDMA (ecstasy) were among the drugs police say they found during a search of the vehicle.

Defendants facing felony drug possession charges could face serious consequences if convicted. Depending on the degree of the felony, they could have to pay off a large fine or do serious time in prison. Felony drug possession also brings with it myriad consequences that can alter an accused person's life permanently. These include difficulties in obtaining employment, divorce properties or real estate.

A person must defend themselves in court in order to stave off these potentially devastating consequences. If the accused person can prove that the arrest was made without probable cause, then the charges can be dismissed on the grounds of false arrest. A legal professional can help a defendant pursue legal options like this in court.

Source: Your Houston News, "Houston man facing felony drug charges following Gulf Freeway car chase," Kristi Nix, Oct. 11, 2013

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