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Texas assistant police chief faces charges of domestic violence

Accusations of domestic violence can be life-changing. A domestic violence conviction will result in a criminal record for the accused. Such a record can hinder the accused's ability to gain future employment, rent an apartment or be awarded child custody. When the accused is a public official, a domestic violence accusation can have a devastating effect on his or her career. This is why it is so imperative those accused of domestic violence take the charge seriously.

32 arrested in alleged North Texas drug distribution network

Texas and federal officials are always looking for ways to break up alleged drug distribution networks. People can be found with drugs in their car at a simple traffic stop and charged with drug possession, but to bring down a whole network of drug suppliers and distributors, the authorities need to justify a more far-reaching investigation.

Criminal defense: wrongfully convicted man freed

A previous post addressed a tragic story regarding a long incarcerated man in Texas. Accused of murdering his wife over 25-years ago, this Texas man was prosecuted by a now Texas judge. Per accounts that surfaced later, this man was wrongfully convicted of the murder of his wife, at least in part, due to the failure of the prosecutor to bring forth evidence in his possession, which tended to exonerate the accused man.

Texas court rules sex crime law unconstitutional

Being accused of a sex crime in Texas is a serious and potentially life altering experience. Specifically, the consequences of a sex crime conviction in the state of Texas are great and can include jail time, hefty fines as well as damage to reputation. Yet, to be convicted of a crime, there must be a constitutionally valid law in place that is proven to have been violated. A recent Texas criminal court appellate decision just ruled a sex offense law to be unconstitutional for vagueness.

Texas school bus driver faces DWI charge

For anyone who operates a motor vehicle to earn a living, a DWI charge can result in some serious consequences that will likely alter a career if the person is convicted. Taxi drivers, bus drivers, truck drivers and anyone else whose profession requires them to drive daily often find themselves out of work following a drunk driving sentence. Because of this, a strong criminal defense is of the utmost importance for these types of workers facing DWI charges.

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