Texas and federal officials are always looking for ways to break up alleged drug distribution networks. People can be found with drugs in their car at a simple traffic stop and charged with drug possession, but to bring down a whole network of drug suppliers and distributors, the authorities need to justify a more far-reaching investigation.

Federal officials recently announced that they had charged 32 people in connection with an alleged drug ring that operated in rural North Texas. Spokespeople for the U.S. Attorney’s office said that the charges stem from an investigation that began almost a year ago. Officials said they had identified more than 100 people they believed were involved in the alleged drug ring.

Officials said they used undercover sting operations and got search warrants to search various locations in primarily rural locations during their investigation. They said that large amounts of cash and methamphetamine were seized. Agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration as well as local police officers were involved in the arrests.

One problem with a high-profile roundup of an alleged drug trafficking operation is that police may arrest the wrong people. Also, prosecutors may file more serious drug charges against certain people than those individuals deserve. Some defendants who were quite low on the hierarchy within a drug operation may end up facing charges meant for high-ranking drug distributors.

Under Texas and federal laws, the penalties that go with drug trafficking and drug distribution are much more serious than charges for simple drug possession. Texas residents faced with these charges need the help of experienced Texas attorneys in order to build the strongest defense they can under the circumstances.

Source: Dallas News, “Authorities arrest dozens in bust of rural North Texas meth ring,” Kevin Krause, Nov. 15, 2013