For anyone who operates a motor vehicle to earn a living, a DWI charge can result in some serious consequences that will likely alter a career if the person is convicted. Taxi drivers, bus drivers, truck drivers and anyone else whose profession requires them to drive daily often find themselves out of work following a drunk driving sentence. Because of this, a strong criminal defense is of the utmost importance for these types of workers facing DWI charges.

According to police, a Texas bus driver was recently arrested for driving while allegedly intoxicated on the job. One of the students riding the bus called his mother and mentioned to her that the driver was being reckless. The mother then called the police. Police later claimed the driver had a blood alcohol content above the legal limit. Though there were 40 students on the bus, no one reported injuries at the time of the driver’s arrest.

If convicted, a DWI sentence can bring myriad consequences, such as a suspension or revocation of a driver’s license, a blemished record, large fines and jail sentences. For bus drivers, or anyone else who operates a motor vehicle to make money, this often results in not just a suspension of license, but a suspension or termination of their jobs.

In order to protect their jobs, drivers who find themselves in this position must defend themselves in court. If a wrongful arrest or lack of evidence can be argues, the charges may be reduced or dismissed entirely, and the driver’s job may be preserved. A skilled and trustworthy attorney can help pursue a good defense strategy in court.

Source: Amarillo Globe-News, “Central Texas school bus driver arrested on DWI charge during morning route,” Oct. 21, 2013