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School psychologist accused of sex crime

A sexual assault charge in the state of Texas can render severe and life changing consequences. If one is convicted of sexual assault, prison time, substantial fines and damage to reputation can follow. Even after release from prison, the consequences might continue. For example, Texas requires individuals convicted of certain sexual offenses be registered on the state Sex Offender Registry. This is why, when facing a sex crimes conviction, it is so important to take the charge seriously and obtain vigorous representation.

The policy behind Texas teen's drunk driving sentence

The case has absorbed media outlets since the Texas District Judge sentenced a teen driver to ten years' probation. Many in the state, including legislators, are torn by the recent court decision, which may not be as harsh as some would have preferred. Yet, it is important to take a critical look into the argument and law in this North Texas teens' recent conviction for a drunk driving incident that resulted in the death of four pedestrians.

Texas DUI statistics during the holidays

The holidays are upon Texas residents and, with these hectic and exciting events, also come lots of travel, rushing and socializing. It is a well-known fact that these fun events can often be paired with alcohol. With these combinations in mind, it should come as no surprise that in Texas, the alleged instances of drunk driving arrests sky rocket during this time of year.

Sexual assault accusation on Texas A&M Campus

It is never a laughing matter when one is accused of a crime. The potential consequences of a conviction can be huge and include prison time, large fines and damage to reputation. This is why it is imperative to treat any accusation with the seriousness required, and to present a vigorous defense in order to obtain a reduction or dismissal of the charges.

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