A sexual assault charge in the state of Texas can render severe and life changing consequences. If one is convicted of sexual assault, prison time, substantial fines and damage to reputation can follow. Even after release from prison, the consequences might continue. For example, Texas requires individuals convicted of certain sexual offenses be registered on the state Sex Offender Registry. This is why, when facing a sex crimes conviction, it is so important to take the charge seriously and obtain vigorous representation.

A school psychologist was recently accused of engaging in inappropriate behavior with a pupil. Specifically, the 16-year old boy’s mother saw a text message on her son’s phone from a name she recognized to be the school psychologist he saw regularly. Due to the alleged sexually explicit nature of the text message, the mother questioned her son.

Investigators have since interviewed the suspected and purported victim. Investigators state they learned from these interviews that the two had already engaged in sexual acts. The accused psychologist was arrested on Friday, Dec. 20.

As above-mentioned, the consequences of sexual offense convictions can be huge. This accused psychologist certainly faces potential consequences such as extended jail time and the loss of her job.

A vigorous defense will interview potential witnesses, fight to keep irrelevant evidence out and ensure the accused receives a fair trial. Such efforts can, on occasion, result in reduced or dropped charges. While the court system is supposed to treat an accused as innocent until proven guilty, the criminal justice system is not always perfect and having representation helps check the process and protect one’s rights.

Source: WCBD-TV Charleston, “Battery Creek school psychologist arrested for sex act with student,” Rob Price, Dec. 20, 2013