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Texas DUI statistics during the holidays

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The holidays are upon Texas residents and, with these hectic and exciting events, also come lots of travel, rushing and socializing. It is a well-known fact that these fun events can often be paired with alcohol. With these combinations in mind, it should come as no surprise that in Texas, the alleged instances of drunk driving arrests sky rocket during this time of year.

Last year, during the holiday season in Texas, the state saw 776 DWI crashes. As a result of these increased incidences, Texas authorities focus their efforts on driving related arrests. Further, the state's holiday P.A.S.S. Campaign is an effort to reduce instances of drinking and driving by placing an emphasis on commuting with sober drivers. For these reasons, it is important to understand the authorities are particularly focused on Texas drivers during the holidays.

If an individual is arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, it is important to take the charge seriously. A drinking and driving charge in the state of Texas can result in jail time, fines and even substantial damage to reputation.

Obtaining a knowledgeable criminal defense can be a very important step in the process of protecting one's rights. A qualified attorney will investigate the case, ensure all applicable defenses are considered and that all useful witnesses are questioned. Such efforts can lead to reduced charges or dropped charges altogether, depending on the facts of a given case.

A DUI conviction can bring substantial consequences to an accused. Taking a charge seriously and bringing forth proper defenses can make all the difference in the end.

Source: Graham Leader, "DUIs increase in December," Julianne Murrah, Dec. 7, 2013

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