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Supreme Court overturns drug-related conviction

When facing criminal charges in Texas, specifically drug charges, those accused must take such charges extremely seriously. A drug conviction can result in substantial jail time, damage to reputation and more that can have a long-lasting effect on one's future.

Reforming criminal justice in Texas

There are many individuals and organizations in this world that champion reform of the Texas criminal justice system. This often includes criminal defense advocates such as attorneys, innocence project groups and legislators. Perhaps one surprise on this list is the Texas Association of Business, which recently commented publicly on its substantial interest in the movement for change as well.

Criminal defense voucher program in Texas on trial

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter in the state of Texas. Thankfully, fifty years ago, the United States Supreme Court held that those accused of a crime had a right to legal representation. Yet, what the court did not determine is who or how such legal services would be funded. Over the years, most states have creating some form of public defender program, which, for better or for worse, has provided accused individuals with some form of legal representation.

Texas woman's criminal defense fails in court

Criminal defense attorneys will certainly agree that facing a felony charge is a serious situation for the accused. A felony can result in jail time, hefty fines and long term consequences, such as serious damage to one's reputation. This is why it is so crucial to obtain vigorous criminal defense when defending one's self in a court of law. While the State of Texas holds individuals to be innocent until proven guilty, presenting a solid defense is the only true way to receive a fair trial.

Obama commutes sentences of eight convicted of drug crimes

Facing a potential drug crime conviction is a serious matter. As some Texas residents might appreciate, the state takes drug crimes seriously and imposes harsh sentences on any convicted persons. Depending on the drug involved and the details of the accusation, an individual might even face federal charges for a drug crime. When that occurs, it is the federal sentencing guidelines that apply in determining the penalties for a conviction. When facing any drug charge, it is important to be aware of one's rights and the law.

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