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Domestic violence charges against Texas police chief dismissed

Domestic violence can range from sexual abuse to emotional abuse, and can even include cyber stalking. Those facing related charges in Texas are at risk for serious consequences.

Being accused of a sex crime in Texas can have damaging effects

In Texas, there are a number of things that may damage a person's reputation, personal relationships and the ability to find a job. Those who are accused of sex crimes, however, may be subjected to damage in all three areas, and more.

DUI suspect arrested after crashing pickup into Texas store

There are many reasons why a person may show signs of intoxication just before an accident occurs, when in reality they are sober. Simple fatigue and over-the-counter medication side effects can easily lead to the impression that alcohol is a factor in a crash. Just because alcohol is suspected does not mean that a person is guilty of drunk driving. Anyone facing such allegations has ways to defend against the charges and potentially avoid the debilitating consequences that often result from a guilty verdict.

Texas criminal appeals court will have three to four open seats

The state of criminal law and criminal defense in Texas stands to be substantially impacted in the next few months. The prestigious Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which has the power to overturn lower court decisions on criminal issues among other matters, has a surprising number of upcoming judicial vacancies.

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