There are many reasons why a person may show signs of intoxication just before an accident occurs, when in reality they are sober. Simple fatigue and over-the-counter medication side effects can easily lead to the impression that alcohol is a factor in a crash. Just because alcohol is suspected does not mean that a person is guilty of drunk driving. Anyone facing such allegations has ways to defend against the charges and potentially avoid the debilitating consequences that often result from a guilty verdict.

Police suspect a man to have been drunk when his pickup truck crashed into a store in Texas. The crash left a hole in the store’s wall. Around 6 p.m., the pickup apparently struck the corner of the main entrance of the clothing store, allegedly hitting gas meters and damaging the bathroom.

According to reports, everyone in the building had to evacuate. Police claim that the pickup truck driver showed signs of intoxication. A witness saw the man leave his truck and sit outside a nearby restaurant following the accident. He was soon after arrested and taken to a local jail.

There is much that has to be present in order for someone to be found guilty of a DUI. Sometimes even Breathalyzer test results are not solid enough evidence to convict someone on such charges. Only someone who is licensed is able to administer breath tests and the devices must be calibrated in a certain way. Failing field sobriety tests, too, often does not guarantee guilt. By poking holes in evidence like this, defendants can often get charges dismissed and move on with their lives, free from the reputation-damaging effects of a DUI conviction.

Source: 10 KTEN, “Drunk Driver Arrested After Pickup Hits Sherman Store,” Alex Belser, March 1, 2014