For a professional, a drug charge can be absolutely detrimental. This is especially true in professions that demand an upstanding moral character such as politicians or police officers. Drug charges can destroy a career, forever altering the course of a person’s life. As such, it is imperative that anyone facing such charges considers every legal option at their disposal and pursues a defense strategy that maximizes their chances at dismissing the charges levied against them.

A former Texas police officer is facing serious allegations. According to reports, the former officer, a 36-year-old man who had recently resigned from the Houston Police Department, is being charged with aiding in distributing cocaine while still fulfilling his role in the police force. The man is facing his initial court appearance after an indictment was retuned in which he was charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine.

According to reports, the former Houston police officer had been part of the force for five years. Investigators claim that the alleged incident involving cocaine distribution occurred from mid-2013 up until a more recent date. A guilty sentence could result in the man serving as much as life in prison, as well as facing fines of up to $10 million. There were no statements released by the Houston police department.

As becomes evident, drug charges — especially for those in certain professions — hold the potential for serious consequences. Life in prison and millions of dollars in fines are among the potential penalties that accused individuals can face. With a person’s future on the line, it is often of vital importance to begin making decisions informed by legal expertise immediately. With an aggressive and vigorous defense, defendants can sometimes successfully get such charges dismissed. The dismissal allows individuals to move forward in their lives and engage in a new beginning.

Source: Fairfield Citizen, “Former Houston police officer charged in drug case,” April 23, 2014