Traffic stops usually result in minor traffic offenses, like a speeding ticket or a warning for a faulty headlight. This was not the case, however, for three men from Texas who were recently pulled over in a neighboring state during separate incidents.

Over the course of a month, Louisiana police officers seized more than 1,000 pounds of marijuana, 11 pounds of cocaine and 11,000 tablets of ecstasy – and three Texas residents were allegedly large contributors to the findings, and are now facing drug charges. The drugs were seized as a result of routine traffic stops from four drivers traveling on East I-10 in Louisiana. If convicted, the men face serious consequences.

The first traffic stop occurred at the end of February, when police seized 11 pounds of cocaine from a Beaumont man. Allegedly, the man also had two handguns and $10,000 inside the vehicle. Following that incident, a man from Louisiana was stopped by police on March 21, and 100 pounds of THC, eight ounces of codeine syrup and 11,000 doses of ecstasy were allegedly found. Two days later, a La Marque man was pulled over for improperly using lanes. According to police, 244 pounds of marijuana were seized. Finally, another Texas man was pulled over on March 24, allegedly carrying 586 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle.

Those facing drug charges may end up serving time in prison or paying a hefty fine, if convicted. But simply being charged with a crime does not mean a person will automatically receive the most severe penalty. Sometimes, a plea deal will be offered if a defendant agrees to help with a much larger drug case.

For Texas residents facing drug charges, like the men in this case, being aware of one’s legal rights and understanding the criminal justice system may be a big help when going through the legal process. A solid defense may even help reduce charges or the penalties associated with the charges.

Source: The Houston Chronicle, “Texans arrested in massive LA drug busts,” Heather Alexander, Mar. 28, 2014