Young people are often unaware of just how serious a shoplifting charge can be. Some people are never able to fully expunge the charge from their records. For the rest of their lives, they are haunted by a criminal charge that can greatly affect their ability to find work. Because of this, a strong and aggressive legal strategy is often imperative. With such a strategy, it is sometimes possible to convince a judge to lessen or dismiss a charge altogether.

Four young people from Texas are facing charges involving shoplifting, according to reports. A young woman, 19, a juvenile, and two young men, ages 19 and 21, were arrested after coming under suspicion of being involved in a shoplifting scheme. According to police, the scheme involved taking large items out of boxes and replacing them with smaller items, such as DVDs and clothes. The alleged scheme took place in a Walmart. According to police, the four from Texas attempted to shoplift around $1,400 worth of products.

Police believe the shoplifting incident was part of a larger plan. They suspect this because multiple receipts from a number of different Walmart stores were found. The group is also suspected of having traded items for gift cards. The alleged scheme took place at Walmart stores stretching from West Virginia to Texas. The four young Texans are facing allegations of conspiracy to commit grand larceny, drug possession, carrying a deadly weapon and altered drivers licenses.

Criminal charges can be especially detrimental to a young person’s life. With nearly their whole lives ahead of them, a criminal charge can greatly alter the course of their careers and futures. A strong defense can help potentially young people avoid these unwanted scenarios and move forward in their lives, free from the devastating effects of a criminal charge.

Source: WSAZ, “Group from Texas Arrested in Shoplifting Scheme in W. Va.,” May 2, 2014