Homes in Houston are, unfortunately, sometimes the scene of violence and abuse, usually directed at women and children. Random violence on the streets from strangers is difficult to comprehend so domestic assault in the home between people who know each other can be even more difficult to understand. After all, why would a spouse or a loved one want to hurt anyone so brutally? More often than not, such instances of assault are recurring and capable of causing irreparable damage.

In a recent case in Lufkin, Texas, a local man was taken into custody for allegedly causing physical injury to a woman residing in his house. The two apparently quarreled and subsequently the man reportedly handled her forcefully, causing her to strike a door and hurt her arm. While the woman opposed the man’s arrest, the police had to follow established procedure related to instances of domestic violence, and charged the man for the injury, which constitutes a class A assault.

In Texas, as in many other states, victims of family violence can access several kinds of protections. The initial step is usually to impose a temporary restraining order so that the alleged aggressor who is charged with assault is prohibited from being near the victim until a court has pronounced a judgment about the case. Individuals accused of such violence can face charges ranging from misdemeanors to a felony, with the offender potentially facing a prison sentence in the latter case. That is why it is so important for Texas residents who are charged with domestic violence to begin to assess their criminal defense options immediately after the arrest.

Source:, “Police arrest Lufkin First Baptist pastor after domestic violence call“, Jeff Awtrey, May 7, 2014